Winter 1947: 'General Inference' and Discussion* at 0600 on 7th February 1947
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'A depression northwest of Spain is drifting slowly south-eastwards whilst an associated occlusion to the southwest of the British Isles moves slowly northeast. Weather will continue cloudy with occasional light snow in most districts, especially in the Northeast. Some breaks in the cloud are possible in parts of East Anglia and the Midlands but these will probably be temporary. There will be rain and sleet in Cornwall near the occlusion but precipitation will be in the form snow near high ground in the southwest. The front will become stationary later.' At 0600 hours-Occluded front aligned NW-SE just off SW Ireland-SW England, doesn't seem to be moving very much. High over S and E.Scandinavia, low NW.Biscay. E/SE airstream over most areas with winds F2-F5 generally but up to F7 in far SW. Generally cloudy over British Isles with area of clear skies over Netherlands and Belgium. Lowest temperatures are in this area of clear skies, 10°F (-12.2°C) at Rotterdam (area). The lowest temperature over British Isles is 21°F (-6.1°C) at Renfrew and Eskdalemuir. Holyhead (Valley) reports 22°F (-5.6°C). The warmest place is Roches Point (Co Cork, S.Ireland) with 41°F (5.0°C). Temperatures are generally below freezing point away from southwestern areas. Continuous rain is reported from Scilly and Roches Point. Snow or recent snow is reported from stations in the eastern half of Britain from E.Anglia northwards to Shetland. Snow/recent snow also reported from NW Ireland, N.Denmark and the Frankfurt area. Overnight minima-Below freezing practically everywhere. The only exceptions are Predannack (S.Cornwall) and Scilly. Lowest value 15°F (-9.4°C) at Dalwhinnie (Inverness). Renfrew reports 18°F (-7.8°c), Holyhead and Stornoway 19°F (-7.2°C). Warmest overnight is Scilly on 38°F (3.3°C). Previous day's maxima-again below freezing generally with the exception of southwestern areas of England and Ireland. Lowest value 26°F (-3.3°C) at Dalwhinnie and Little Rissington.Warmest daytime 41°F (5.0°C) at Scilly. Snow information-snow cover persists at most stations away from the south-west.The greatest level depth of snow is 12" at Waddington (Lincs) and Acklington (Northumberland). Finningly (Notts) has 9", Little Rssington 8", Honiley >6". NE Scotland is now reporting 3"-5". Outlook-'Little change probable for some time'

Source:The Daily Weather Report of the Meteorological Office
*Refers to 24 hours ending 0600 on the date
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