Winter 1947: 'General Inference' and Discussion* at 0600 on 6th February 1947
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'A very cold east to southeast current will persist over the British Isles with frost day and night in most places. Frost will be severe locally tonight. Snow will fall in many districts and more particularly over the eastern half of the country. Moderate falls will occur in parts of Scotland and north england' At 0600 hours-Cloudy in most districts with SE/E winds up to F4. The lowest temperatures are 8°F (-13.3°C) at Esbjerg (W.Denmark) and 19°F (-7.2°C) in SE Netherlands whilst over B.Isles the lowest temperature is 18°F (-7.8°C) at Fairwood Common (5 miles west of Swansea). The warmest place at 0600 is Scilly, St. Mary's on 35°F (1.7°C). Continuous light snow is reported over N. France, Alborg (Denmark), from off the western Danish coast (presumably from a boat), SE England and the Midlands with recent snow reported from eastern Scotland and Central Ireland. Precipitation totals are not particularly large with Little Rissington being the wettest with 5mm. Overnight minima-Fairwood has been the coldest overnight with a minimum temperature of 16°F (-8.9°C). Guernsey and Tiree the warmest on 33°F (0.6°C). Previous day's maxima-generally at or just below freezing in the Midlands and the East. Lowest values 29°F (-1.7°C) at our old friends Cranfield and Little Rissington. Warmest, Blacksod Point 41°F (5.0°C) (which is presumably Blackrock Mayo Lighthouse in the west of Ireland)
Snowfall/cover/depth-light snow has fallen in many areas. Snow cover is widespread, the exceptions being far south-western areas of England and Ireland. Snow depth reported as 11" at Waddington, 10" at Leeming (Yorks), 9" at Finningly (Notts), 7" at Honiley. Little Rissington reports >6". Snow depths increasing in NE England and E.Scotland. Acklington (Northumberland) now 5" (but gets deeper!). Elsewhere generally 2"-3".



Source:The Daily Weather Report of the Meteorological Office
*Refers to 24 hours ending 0600 on the date
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