Winter 1947: 'General Inference' and Discussion* at 0600 on 29th January 1947
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'An anticyclone persists over Southern Scandinavia and a depression over the Western English Channel is moving south west. In the Midlands and South East it will be mainly fair with good bright periods. Snow will occur in parts of South and South West England and Wales. Heavier falls of snow are likely in Northern England, South Scotland and Northern Ireland. Snow showers will occur in North Scotland. Cold or very cold in the North with frost day and night in many parts of South Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland. Very cold in the South with day and night frost and very severe frost at night in some districts' At 0600hrs-an area of clear skies stretches from south-east England all the way to south-eastern Europe. Within this zone are some very low temperatures e.g.Munich has -8°F (-22°C), northern France 0°F (-17.8°C), Netherlands 6°F (-14.4°C). Temperatures are below freezing over most of mainland Britain the only exceptions being a few coastal stations in Scotland. The coldest place at 0600 is Croydon with 10°F (-12.2°C). Snow is falling (or has fallen recently) in several areas; south Devon, Scilly Is, Midlands,E Anglia, NE England (moderate), S Scotland (moderate), northern Ireland (our old friend Malin Head), Dublin and even in the far south-west of Ireland. A couple of further points. Even coastal Manston (Kent) is reporting 18°F (-7.8°C) and the report from Tangmere(Sussex, nr Chichester) may interest some on USW 'Wind NE force 5, temperature 19°F (-7.2°C), sky clear, 9" of level snow, drifting snow near the ground (had been drifting snow high up). Everywhere in mainland Britain reported frost overnight, the coldest being Croydon with 5°F (-15°C). Maximum temperatures on the previous day had stayed below freezing in many parts of England and Wales, the exceptions being southern Devon and Cornwall and coastal areas of Scotland, N England, Scotland and Ireland. The lowest maximum was Lympne (Kent) with 25°F (-3.9°C) and the highest 43°F (6.1°C) in the Western Isles. Snow cover reported from many stations in England and Wales. The greatest (level) depth is 9" at Tangmere, Boxted and Felixstowe. Waddington (Lincolnshire), which will feature in weeks to come, now has 6". Snow cover (1") now reported from Eastern Scotland. Even Scilly, St Marys, reports 1" of snow (and it will get better!). Finally, from other sources, the minimum overnight temperature at Writtle (Essex) on the 28th/29th January was a rather chilly -5.1°F (-20.6°C) recorded at 0900 on the 29th.




Source:The Daily Weather Report of the Meteorological Office
*Refers to 24 hours ending 0600 on the date
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