Winter 1947: 'General Inference' and Discussion* at 0600 on 17th March 1947
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'Pressure is low west of Ireland. A ridge of high pressure is moving north-east over the British isles. A trough of low pressure will reach southwest districts tonight and will move northeast. A small depression will move northeast across the bay of Biscay and North France. It will be mainly fair with bright periods today apart from local showers mostly in the West and North: an area of rain will reach southwest districts tonight and will spread northeast reaching eastern districts tomorrow: there may be some rain in southeast England tonight. Gales may occur in the west. It will be mild in most districts, but rather cold in North Scotland. Slight frost may occur locally inland tonight in the north-east of Britain' At Midnight-depression of east coast of Scotland. Westerly gales in eastern coastal areas with Boxted (Essex) F9. Everywhere reports above freezing. At 06GMT-winds moderating. Temperatures remain above freezing. Still some light sleet and snow reported from Carlisle, Eskdalemuir, Tiree and Lerwick overnight. The depression has now moved NE to be located over Denmark. Likely to have been very stormy over Netherlands, NW Germany and Denmark. 12GMT-milder air now evident everywhere except north-east Scotland. 18GMT-much as at Midday. No snow reported falling anywhere in British Isles since 06GMT. Overnight minima-generally above freezing apart from Yeovilton, Eskdalemuir, Tiree (Coldest on 25°F/-3.9°C), Dalwhinnie, Lerwick and Collinstown Daytime maxima-Mildenhall reached 59°F (15°C). Temperatures reached 50°F (10°C) in most southern districts, 45°F (7.2°C) elsewhere. Still rather chilly, mid 30's F (2°C) over the snowfields of Eskdalemuir and NE Scotland. Precipitation-wettest in SW to 10mm. Carlisle reports 18mm overnight-but question this one-snowmelt? Snow cover/depth-Waddington still has 5" (patchy) at 09GMT, Acklington 6", W.Freugh 4" and Eskdalemuir 8". Ne Scotland also has snow cover with Lerwick 13"




Source:The Daily Weather Report of the Meteorological Office
*Refers to 24 hours ending 0600 on the date
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